Friday, November 29, 2013

How to Get an Epic Den on Animal Jam!

Well, here are the steps to get an epic den on Animal Jam!

(1) Decorate your den the way you want.
      AJHQ is looking for people who take a lot of time and work decorating their dens. work, work, work! work I say! (lol)

(2) Invite your friends and random strangers too your den for a party!
     All I usually do is go somewhere that is busy, like Jamma Township, or Coral Canyons. wow, typing those things makes them look weird. what do you think? anyways, just say "Epic party my den! Please come! It will be awesome!" Lol that's what I do. AJHQ looks for someone who has a den that people want to go to.

(3) Wait patiently!
     AJHQ updates the list everyday, so you just have to wait and keep watching the list, and ask your friends to check it for you too.

Introduction of, well, me!

Ok, so, Hi! I'm theunicornchronicles from animal jam! currently I only have four animals, 2 arctic wolves, 1 fox, and 1 of those big cats. I forget what they're called, haha! Anyway, I am a member for now (lol) but it's about to run out. Oh my god, I totally forgot! I have to get a lot of gems to get a non member animal! Oh god i'm an idiot! alright, sorry bout that little rant. Lol, well, if you want you can add me. come to my den whenever you want, and all that. I'll be posting a lot, because I have no life. Lol. See ya!